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NEW! Mentors for the Psychology BA program (2017/2018)

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The University of Pécs Faculty of Humanities has launched the Mentorship Program in order to integrate international students into the Faculty community by matching up small groups of first-year international students with more senior Peer Mentors.
Peer Mentors help new students settle into the Faculty of Humanities by organising group activities and providing support and guidance throughout their first year.
Mentors can help new students feel welcome and relaxed by encouraging them to ask questions and get involved in campus life. 
Mentors for the Psychology BA program in English (2017/2018):
Subas AMJAD (subasamjad@gmail.com)
Akin GURCAY (gurcayakin@gmail.com)
Patrik KARINTI (patrik.karinti@gmail.com)
Patrik Karinti